Joaquín Rodríguez


Joaquín Rodríguez is a graphic artist living in Madrid. On his works he investigates texture and shape and applies it to different types of figures, focusing his interest on achieving cohesive compositions and contrasted volumes. He uses ballpoint pen as his primary tool. Geometric abstraction and references to tech elements relate to dystopic visions influenced by cyberpunk culture and the reflection about tecnology role in human life.

Drawing has always played a main role in his activity and after studying architecture in Madrid he began to collaborate in several commercial and graphic design related projects. He’s also collaborated with La Fiambrera Art Gallery in Madrid for some years and now works solo on his own projects.

Solo exhibitions

2012 - Carnivale · Espacio Camarote, MADRID
2016 - Graphic Content · La Fiambrera Art Gallery, MADRID
2019 - Alter · La Fiambrera Art Gallery, MADRID

Collective exhibitions

2014 - Affordable Art Fair · BRUSSELS
2016 - Just Mad Art Fair · MADRID
2016 - SWAB Art Fair · BARCELONA
2018 - Affordable Art Fair · HAMBURG
2019 - Affordable Art Fair · HAMBURG
2022 - In colaboration with MintaMintae
          · Festival Rio Babel · MADRID
          · Berlin NFT · BERLIN
          · AWWWARDS Conference · AMSTERDAM
          · Ent3r Gallery · ALICANTE
          · ETH Barcelona · BARCELONA
          · Ibiza NXT · IBIZA


Revista Jaleo

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